Baby Bites started from the initiative of two moms who saw the need to create a specialized brand of products that promote the start and development of baby feeding in its different stages.

Baby Bites was thought by moms for moms. We know what you need and we want to accompany you on this beautiful path of learning and growth of your baby.

Thank you very much for trusting us.

The ingredients we use were specially selected to provide a nutritious and healthy value to the daily diet of the baby; they are 100% natural, since they do not contain additives or artificial flavors.

The main goal of Baby Bites is the development of healthy snacks that complement your baby’s nutrition in a healthy, enjoying and delicious way.


fotosbeneficios*It helps the introduction of solid foods into  their diet.

*It is the best healthy snack option, suitable for the age and stage of the baby.

*Baby Bites Cereal / Snacks are made for the perfect manipulation of the baby’s small hands, and also it is delicate with their gums.

*Provides comfort in the dental growth stage.

*It motivates them to feed alone.

*It promotes the development of fine motor skills.

*Remember that proper nutrition at the initial stage, helps to create good eating habits for the future life.

Your babies will be ready for Baby Bites when they can be in a crawling position (support their hands and knees on the floor), are more than 6 months old, and have already begun to eat solids like porridges or compotes.

*Never leave your babies alone when they are eating.
*This snack does not replace their 3 meals a day.

*The best food for your baby is the breast milk.
*Make sure your baby is ready to introduce solid foods into their diet.

*Do not anticipate the indications of the pediatrician.
*This product does not contain gluten, dairy, soy, artificial colorings or additives.

Now you can find Baby Bites in the main Supermaxi of Quito, Guayaquil and Ambato.

UWI Cafetería&Tienda Orgánica

Pasaje Carlos Andrade Marín and Francisco de Orellana St., one block from Cumbaya Central Park. 

Telephone: (02) 2892836

SuperFoods Ecuador

Interoceanic Av., km 11 1/2 and Siena Av. , one block from Scala Shopping, on the same walkside, in La Tejedora warehouse.
Telephone: 2890982
Working Hours: Tuesday to Saturday, from  9am to 7pm
FB: /SuperFoodsEc
Río Amazonas Av. # OE13-181 and Río Quini St.
San Rafael – Valle de lo Chillos
Telephone: 286-4197
FB: @mynatuorganic


Fray Francisco Caicedo St. # OE3-46

and Brasil Av., Quito Tennis neighborhood.

Close to Corfu/Cyrano.

– Fybeca El Batán
– Fybeca Plaza de las Américas
– Fybeca La Prensa
– Fybeca Coruña
– Fybeca El Condado
– Fybeca Plaza de Toros
– Fybeca Quicentro Sur
– Fybeca Mall El Jardín
– Fybeca Aeropuerto
– Fybeca El Recreo
– Fybeca Quicentro Shopping
– Fybeca El Bosque
– Fybeca C.C.I.
– Fybeca El Inca
– Fybeca Granados
– Fybeca Scala
– Fybeca Cumbayá
– Fybeca Paseo San Francisco (Cumbayá)
– Fybeca San Luis Shopping (Valle de los Chillos)
– Fybeca San Rafael (Valle de los Chillos)

– Fybeca San Marino
– Fybeca José Joaquín de Olmedo
– Fybeca Villa Club
– Fybeca Orellana
– Fybeca City Mall
– Fybeca Alborada
– Fybeca Mall del Sur
– Fybeca La Piazza

-Fybeca Remigio Crespo.

Fybeca Ficoa

Fybeca Mall de los Andes.

Fybeca Plaza Ibarra.

Fybeca Piazza Machala

Fybeca Machala.

Fybeca Manicentro


  1. Condado
  2. Cumbaya
  3. Los chillos
  4. Plaza de las Américas


  1. Samborondón
  2. Urdesa

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